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Tickets to Moorish Castle

Adult Ages 18-64
Child Ages 6-17

Architecture and views in the Moorish Castle of Sintra

The Moorish castle of Sintra is located on one of the summits of the Sintra Mountains, near the Pena Palace. It was built by Muslims from North Africa in the 10th century, after the era of Muslim conquest.

Later, in the century. XII, this building was conquered to the Muslims by the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques. This fortification received several changes to adapt to different needs throughout the various reigns. In 1755, the castle suffered several damages caused by the great earthquake. Fortunately a few years later, D Fernando II decided to carry out major restoration works in this building.

The view from its walls is formidable. We can contemplate the village, the National Palace, the Pena Palace, a large part of the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. To not lose!