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Tickets to National Palace and Gardens of Queluz

Adult Ages 18-64
Child Ages 0- 6

Visit the Queluz palace

Between Sintra and Lisbon there is one of the most important palace in Portugal, the Queluz palace.

This palace was initially built in the 18th century to be a summer vacation residence for D. Pedro de Bragança. It was the birthplace and death of King Pedro IV King of Portugal and the first emperor of Brazil. Later, this palace became a permanent place of residence for royal families until 1794.

This was the year when the royal family fled to Brazil due to the French invasions. This place was also used as the imprisonment of D. Maria I due to her mental health problem.

This palace of singular architecture in Portugal is influenced by Rococo, Baroque, and Neoclassical styles. Its impressive garden is inspired by the French royal gardens. A visit not to be missed.