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Small Plane Experience

Quick Details

Aboard air tours to the Sintra and Cascais from Lisbon, you can experience exhilarating bird’s-eye views of Sintra mountains and Tejo River. Discover your ideal aerial adventure today.

30 Minutes

Depart Lisbon on tour sightseeing airplane and discover the unique beauty and contours of the Lisbon area. Take in amazing aerial views of Tejo River, Sintra and Cascais .


Soar above formations like Guano Point, Eagle Point, and even catch a glimpse of the world-famous Skywalk from the air.

Our specially-equipped aircraft allow each passenger to take postcard-quality pictures right from their airplane window. This adventure is the perfect way to get the family out of the city, over the Sintra and Cascais, and back without spending your entire budget.



This is an activity that depends on weather conditions. Before booking, please contact us.