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7 monuments you must visit in Sintra

a castle on top of a building

When you travel to Portugal, one place you must visit is Sintra. Sintra is not just the village but an entire region that includes the village, the mountains, forests and the ocean. Sintra was considered a world heritage site by UNESCO and it was no accident. In Sintra you will find a century-old town full…

10 delicacies and treats you can’t miss in Portugal

a plate of food on a table

When you are a “foodie”, the most difficult thing when you arrive in a country, is that you will not be able to try all the local foods because unfortunately the capacity of our stomach is limited. From regional specialties to the best snacks, there is a lot to choose from. Here is a list…

10 viewpoints you can’t miss in Lisbon

a group of people sitting on a bench in front of a tree

What makes Lisbon one of the most beautiful cities in the world is its relief features with many hills and promontories. It is said that Lisbon has 7 hills, but in reality it has 8. On these hills you can find one or more viewpoints, each one with fantastic views over the city. Since it…

Tejo River – Scenic E-bike tour


This is a tour that delights for its ease and beauty. Most of the route is along the Tagus River on both banks. The route is always on secondary roads, off-road or trails that are not very technical. ideal for a relaxed stroll. River, castles, river beaches, mountain, prehistoric monuments. This tour has a little…